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Genre: Humor Once upon a time near Luna Park, there was a McDonalds that didn't sell medium chips. Everyone hated that McDonalds because they didn't have medium chips. "What do ya mean, ya don't sell medium chips!" A customer screamed.

"Well, we don't!" The manager said.

The customer stormed off without paying for his other food.

"Stupid customer!" The manager whispered.

"Oh, hello, would you like me to take your order" the Manager asked.

The customer finally answered "Oh yeah I'll have 2 chocolate milkshakes and a medium chips"

"Sorry, we don't sell medium chips", The manager grunted.

"Well ya should! Oh and make a playground for the kids!" The manager slammed the front door.

Then the manager announced, "All customers out of the shop please!

When all of the customers were out,the manager said to all of his workers "We need to make a playground!"

The co-workers started working on the playground.

2 weeks later......

"Yay"! The kid customers went in the playground.

A customer came and asked, "Can I have a medium chips"?

"Um well," The manager stared at the customer.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The customer screamed.
It was 1999. The time when everyone farts in a piggy, snorty way. Reader:I don't know if I will be doing that! Narrator:Shut up, Reader, I am trying not to draw this unknown sort of story! Reader:What did you say fart pants! Author:Can I just write this story! Narrator and Reader:Fine! Ok, now everybody farts because thats the ways it is in Smellyionia. This book is getting kinda boring. Let's just take it up a knoch. Hmmmmm..... Oh I've got something hilarious. Ok. There was this boy named. No, now this story might turn to an adventure story.Ummm! Author:*Rips the piece of paper!* Oh great, now I have to think of it in my mind!Ok, i will think of it in my mind!Got it! The people of Smellyionia love farting. They fart all day,they fart all night they even fart in their sleep! But there is one boy who doesn't fart,Jack, he is a nice boy but he doesn't fart. He has never farted in his whole smelly-town life. His family try to make him fart but..... Narrator:Wait just a second, I have got a son named Jack and are you saying that he can't fart? Author:Of course your son can but this is a different character in my story and not your son. Narrator:Alright! If you say so! Author:Ok! So anyways, Jack's sister,Ella has tried to squeeze Jack to make him fart but nope that didn't work! Jack COULD JUST NOT FART!!!!! Jack tried all day and night to fart while everyone else was farting the night away! Jack saw a shooting star and wished for one day that he could be a fart machine! Narrator:HAHAHA!LOL! Classic, this is hilarious! Author:Thanks and it is not classic! Narrator:What ever you say,Master Typer! The next day,Jack heard a haunting noise from his butt and screamed "Yea!YAY!Mum! I finally farted!" His mum clapped her hands but then he realized he couldn't fart anymore. Jack just wanted to fart anytime he likes not for like PHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! A SECOND! 
Oooh! Shiny! Sparkly! Look there's a sparkling green box straight in Max and Kiera's face! Max and Kiera wondered what was in it. It was still early in the morning! But Max kept looking at the green sparkling green box. It was in Max and Kiera's house where Max and Kiera found it!

Then Kiera opened the sparkling green box. When Kiera openned it, it was a vine that grabbed her by the nose and pulled her into the box. Max tried to jump but then it disappeared and Max landed on his back. Max felt weird because Kiera disappeared. "Ouch!" said Max. Max ran outside and yelled "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Then Max found the green box and jumped in. Then Max found Kiera. Max said "We will find a way to get out!" Just then they had an idea to get out. They digged and digged until they jumped in the hole that they made. Then they got back home!

When they got home, Kiera said "Let's have a snack." Max said "Rolls." Then Max said "We will never jump in a green box again!" Then Max and Kiera both laughed. "Hahahahaha!" They both laughed
I had my eyes closed tightly having no idea what happened to me and no idea where I am.I opened my eyes,sceamed and hesitated.I found two of my besties sittng on the dense rainforest floor with myself,Angela.My friends,Ron and Laura tried to keep me calm.

"Guys,I'm fine now that you are here but where are we and how will we get out? I feel like I am lost."

Ron replied "Angela,that word kind of freaks me out but you are correct,we are lost with no way to get out!"

Laura said "Shut up,Ron. You are scaring Angela. Angela,we are going to be fine and of course we will find our way out. All we have to do is find out who put us in this terrible place and also where we are.Com'on guys!Grab your backpacks we have got a long adventure ahead of us!"

So Angelia,Ron and Laura walked trying to figure out who did this to them.

"Look closely at that tree,Ron!"Laura said.

Ron put his face closer and closer to the tree and out popped out a red-back spider.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"Ron yelled.

Laura and Angelia both giggled.

"Guys,come on, it isn't funny!"Ron sooked.

"Yeah but it is to us."They both said loudly.

"Shut up!!!"Ron yelled

Just then an Aborgianal person popped out of the bush.

"Uh guys,run!"Angela yelled.

So the three kids (teenagers) ran off quick!
The teenagers kept running on until they could see no sight of the aborginie! "Did we get away or is he still there?"Ron asked.

"Oh,Ron you and your stori-.Uh oh he is still here!"Laura yelled.

The three exhausted teenagers were hesitating.They had heaps of sweat,believe it or not!Angelna was happy that her friends were with her. "Guys,just to tell you while we run away from this crazy bogo!,that I am so happy that you are here."

Laura replied "Well,only if we all are here we will be ahhhhhh!!!"

When Laura was just about to finish her sentence,the aborigine got her by the arm and ran away.

Laura echoed "Guys,help me please!"

Laura was nowhere to be found,nowhere in sight,no one could see a bit of her.

Ron and Angelna sat down on the forest floor.Angelina had big,thoughtful tears falling out of her eyelids.

"Hey,Angelna would you like to make a fire,I have marshmallows!"

Angelna yelled "Awesome,yay why didnt you say so?!"

Inside her heart,Angelna was in love with Ron.She loved his beautiful eyes.She was staring at him.

Ron asked politely "Angelna,sorry to be rude but what are you staring at?"

Angelna said "Ron,well while poor Laura isn't here I better tell you this.I am in love with you!"

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    February 2011