It was 1999. The time when everyone farts in a piggy, snorty way. Reader:I don't know if I will be doing that! Narrator:Shut up, Reader, I am trying not to draw this unknown sort of story! Reader:What did you say fart pants! Author:Can I just write this story! Narrator and Reader:Fine! Ok, now everybody farts because thats the ways it is in Smellyionia. This book is getting kinda boring. Let's just take it up a knoch. Hmmmmm..... Oh I've got something hilarious. Ok. There was this boy named. No, now this story might turn to an adventure story.Ummm! Author:*Rips the piece of paper!* Oh great, now I have to think of it in my mind!Ok, i will think of it in my mind!Got it! The people of Smellyionia love farting. They fart all day,they fart all night they even fart in their sleep! But there is one boy who doesn't fart,Jack, he is a nice boy but he doesn't fart. He has never farted in his whole smelly-town life. His family try to make him fart but..... Narrator:Wait just a second, I have got a son named Jack and are you saying that he can't fart? Author:Of course your son can but this is a different character in my story and not your son. Narrator:Alright! If you say so! Author:Ok! So anyways, Jack's sister,Ella has tried to squeeze Jack to make him fart but nope that didn't work! Jack COULD JUST NOT FART!!!!! Jack tried all day and night to fart while everyone else was farting the night away! Jack saw a shooting star and wished for one day that he could be a fart machine! Narrator:HAHAHA!LOL! Classic, this is hilarious! Author:Thanks and it is not classic! Narrator:What ever you say,Master Typer! The next day,Jack heard a haunting noise from his butt and screamed "Yea!YAY!Mum! I finally farted!" His mum clapped her hands but then he realized he couldn't fart anymore. Jack just wanted to fart anytime he likes not for like PHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! A SECOND! 

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