I had my eyes closed tightly having no idea what happened to me and no idea where I am.I opened my eyes,sceamed and hesitated.I found two of my besties sittng on the dense rainforest floor with myself,Angela.My friends,Ron and Laura tried to keep me calm.

"Guys,I'm fine now that you are here but where are we and how will we get out? I feel like I am lost."

Ron replied "Angela,that word kind of freaks me out but you are correct,we are lost with no way to get out!"

Laura said "Shut up,Ron. You are scaring Angela. Angela,we are going to be fine and of course we will find our way out. All we have to do is find out who put us in this terrible place and also where we are.Com'on guys!Grab your backpacks we have got a long adventure ahead of us!"

So Angelia,Ron and Laura walked trying to figure out who did this to them.

"Look closely at that tree,Ron!"Laura said.

Ron put his face closer and closer to the tree and out popped out a red-back spider.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"Ron yelled.

Laura and Angelia both giggled.

"Guys,come on, it isn't funny!"Ron sooked.

"Yeah but it is to us."They both said loudly.

"Shut up!!!"Ron yelled

Just then an Aborgianal person popped out of the bush.

"Uh guys,run!"Angela yelled.

So the three kids (teenagers) ran off quick!

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