The teenagers kept running on until they could see no sight of the aborginie! "Did we get away or is he still there?"Ron asked.

"Oh,Ron you and your stori-.Uh oh he is still here!"Laura yelled.

The three exhausted teenagers were hesitating.They had heaps of sweat,believe it or not!Angelna was happy that her friends were with her. "Guys,just to tell you while we run away from this crazy bogo!,that I am so happy that you are here."

Laura replied "Well,only if we all are here we will be ahhhhhh!!!"

When Laura was just about to finish her sentence,the aborigine got her by the arm and ran away.

Laura echoed "Guys,help me please!"

Laura was nowhere to be found,nowhere in sight,no one could see a bit of her.

Ron and Angelna sat down on the forest floor.Angelina had big,thoughtful tears falling out of her eyelids.

"Hey,Angelna would you like to make a fire,I have marshmallows!"

Angelna yelled "Awesome,yay why didnt you say so?!"

Inside her heart,Angelna was in love with Ron.She loved his beautiful eyes.She was staring at him.

Ron asked politely "Angelna,sorry to be rude but what are you staring at?"

Angelna said "Ron,well while poor Laura isn't here I better tell you this.I am in love with you!"
2/6/2011 18:09:33

Such a romantic ending to a great short story

2/6/2011 18:31:34


2/8/2011 16:19:18

Nice story Max.


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